Meal Prep 101

Meal prepping is KEY and can be so helpful to keeping on track during the week.

The premise as you can imagine is simple – pick a day of the week (Sunday tends to usually be the best ahead of the week) and you cook up a big batch of nutritious food, separate it right then into serving-size containers, and then during the week there is no excuse to want to grab something easy or junky because you don’t know what to have!

I know those with kids or a family to feed may find it hard to prep ahead of time since you still would have to have something for the kids, so that is something we can work on together, either incorporating your family into these healthy made-ahead meals, or also coming up with quick and easy (and healthy) meals for your family too!

What is also good to keep in mind is not just prepping your meals, but even your snacks!

Often I like to prepare my snacks ahead of time too! I pack small baggies full of cut up veggies, or fruit – come on you have to admit, if veggies are sitting out in front of you already cut up, you’re going to snack on them right? But after a long days work, when you come home (and do a HIIT session right?) and drop down on the couch, the thought of having to go into the fridge, find a vegetable, pull out the cutting board, chop it all up – it can seem like even too much!

If it’s ready for you in a baggy, then there’s no excuses!

I want to go through some of my meal preps with you from the past to show you just how easy it is.


Okay, I might need it minute – these pictures are making me drool! So that (above picture) could not be easier! All that is, is 3 ounces of grilled chicken, a serving of roasted sweet potatoes that I cut and put in the oven, and some steamed green beans. The containers in the middle have lemon-dill oven roasted salmon, with asparagus and mushrooms. Meal prep also saves you money guys, one pack of chicken breast can last you almost the whole week, because you really only need 1/2 or even 1/3 of the breast per meal depending on the size of it! You’ll also notice on the right I have snacks ready to go! Clementines counted out for the week, baggies full of green beans and cucumbers – no excuses that week, yum!


This one above is even easier! Plain chicken and mashed sweet potatoes, then on the day of grab a little fresh spinach or dark leafy green to go with it and drizzle a little lemon and oil on it if you want as a dressing (or balsamic yum!)


This was so good! I used two proteins here with some chicken and also ground turkey. Go crazy with whatever seasonings you want – herbs are your friend, just don’t go for any marinades or dressings unless you’re making them yourself so you know what’s in it! With roasted vegetables that you can put all on the same tray an put in the oven! I believe her I used zucchini, squash, yellow cauliflower, and broccoli – but you can of course use whatever you like!


Delicious! I like to have a couple options for the week so I don’t get too bored of the same thing, and can eat one thing for lunch, and the other for dinner. I have some of my yummy turkey burgers here, as well as some lentil and chickpea salad! On the left is sweet italian chicken sausage that I seared up and put some crushed tomatoes on. The day of you can put this over some freshly-spiralized veggies or even whole-grain pasta.


Another sort of deconstructed stir-fry that you can mix all together when you warm it back up. Cooked ground turkey in a pan, and seared tofu on a pan (YUM, tofu always grossed me out but it actually doesn’t really taste like anything and it’s packed with protein so when you cut it up and sear it, it just adds a nice crispy bite to whatever you’re putting with it!) I then just had some nice roasted veggies to go with it!

Some of my favorite go-tos which you guys have in your recipe pack make for great meal prep meals, and those are turkey burgers (below seen prepped with a yummy freekeh salad), protein peppers, and mini turkey meatloafs!




There you have it! A quick guide to meal-prepping.

I hope that helps, but of course, let’s talk more about it and plan out what’s going to perfectly work for YOU!

~ Josh

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