30 Day Challenge – Core & Upper Body Workout!

What you will need – a set of dumbbells

This is a 30 minute, 40/20 HIIT session

That means 40 seconds of high-intensity work, followed by 20 seconds rest. We are doing these in 4 minute sets. So each exercise is 40/20 x 4

You can download a HIIT timer from the App Store to keep the time for you, that’s what I do!

  • Basic sit-ups
  • Dumbbell (or kettlebell) swings
  • Dumbbell fast punches/jabs
  • Reverse crunch
  • Standing dumbbell tricep extension
  • Side plank hold (alternate L,R,L,R)
  • Once complete: two 45-second plank holds

Exercises you may not know:

Reverse crunch:


Standing dumbbell tricep extensions:


Side Plank Hold:


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