Sriracha-Honey Grilled Chicken

This is one of those not-even-a-recipe recipes, because it was SO easy, but so good.

I used thin chicken breast cutlets for this but of course you can use normal chicken breasts, they’ll just take longer to cook.

I sprinkled them with cumin and paprika and grilled them – super easy right? These thin cutlets took only about 5-6 minutes per side.

I then made a little glaze with equal parts sriracha and honey (you only need a tbsp of each depending how much chicken you’re making, I did a big batch for #mealprep). When the chickens cooked all the way through, glaze the sauce on each piece and cook for one minute per side, it will start to give it a nice crust. That’s IT!

I made some marinated veggie skewers and corn to go with it. Less than 30 minutes, and after 3 workouts today (the last being a 5k obstacle course bootcamp) it was the perfect quick and easy summer dinner. Enjoy!

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