Tuna: What’s in the Can?

Random right? But canned tuna is such a staple for so many people, and such a quick and easy protein source to add to your diet, but in my opinion it’s not just important to pick the right foods, but to know what’s in your food and where your food comes from.

In this case, there are such drastic differences between different types of canned tuna, and a lot of different labels and words you see on cans that it can be hard to tell the difference.

You don’t want farmed tuna, but most tuna in a can isn’t actually farmed, so looking for “wild-caught” isn’t quite as important as you may think. Bycatch is a huge problem with tuna fishing too – other animals getting caught in the nets and so on.

So what should you actually look for on the can? Well for me, the most important label to look for is the MSC-certification. The Marine Stewardship Council monitors the fish population, how they’re caught and managed. “Troll caught” or “pole-and-line caught” is good too, because that just means they’re caught individually and not in the massive problem-causing nets.

My go-to brands of canned tuna are Wild Planet and Blue Harbour. (Whole Foods brand tuna is actually great too so I’ll grab that if I happen to be in Whole Foods). That doesn’t mean you should only by those brands, but it is important, like with any food, to check the labels carefully!

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