AROO! Spartan Race, Check.

In weight loss journey, or any fitness journey, all goals achieved small or large should be celebrated, and that’s why I’m sharing this today.

Yesterday, with an AMAZING team by my side pushing me on, I jumped in the deep end and ran a Super Spartan Mountain Race. 10+ miles, almost 30 obstacles, up and down a mountain.

A year ago, I wasn’t even exercising. This year after losing weight, I through finishing two 5k runs was a big deal (which they were to me at the time). Then to hear that this Spartan happens to be the toughest and all the elite athletes travel from across the WORLD to compete in it – oh crap.

But I did it, I finished it, and I LOVED IT!!

I wanted to share this video because I think it sums up not just the Spartan Race but this whole journey for me.

140 pounds ago I got out of breath walking up or down stairs. Going into this, my biggest fear was the rope climb. I’m not good with pulling up my bodyweight, and I had convinced myself I wouldn’t be able to get up off the ground, but if I could make it a few pulls up over my head, I’d be happy (and then move out of the way and do 30 burpees which you have to do any time you can’t complete an obstacle).

So there I go, approaching the rope, it wasn’t even a feeling of being scared to do it because I KNEW I wouldn’t be able to.

But I climbed, and I climbed, and I got to the top. This feeling of accomplishment and pride was SOO strong and so big, and I reached to ring the bell… and I missed. I thought I could hit that damn bell, and I was inches away.

If you look closely you might even see the disappointment in my face as I realized I didn’t hit it. It felt like I was up there for 10 minutes, so it’s strange how fast it goes in the video. I dropped a few inches, ripping my skin open in my hands on the rope, and that excitement and pride turned to SUCH disappointment like a punch in the stomach.

But then I listened. You can hear it. My friends cheered me on, they pushed me, and I climbed again, and I hit that damn bell.

I am so happy to have this on video because it’s a moment and a FEELING so indescribable that I’ll never forget.

If I can go from where I was, to climbing to that top of a rope, and coming in ahead of some of the worlds top athletes, then I promise you, you can do ANYTHING.

Lose one pound, lose 100, complete a race, fit in new clothes, whatever your goals may be. It’s all within your grasp!

That’s all I want to do in life, is to use my experience to help others reach those goals too. Email me with your goal, and let’s talk!

~ Josh

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