Overnight Oats 101

You’ve probably heard me talk about overnight oats before, but it’s because they are SO fantastic for you. Simple ingredients, prepped a week at a time, and you never have to worry about breakfast!

For awhile I stopped eating this and was strictly doing eggs for breakfast because they just didn’t fit into my macros while I was trying to drop pounds, but now that I’ve had to readjust my nutrition and my own plan (Spartan Training – AROO) they fit back in and I’m so glad they do!

This isn’t a recipe, but a formula! And I say that because you can swap in and out your flavors and your protein to change it up!

Here’s the basic formula:

1/3 cup oats (rolled or steel cut) and 1 scoop protein powder

1/2 tbsp each chia and flax seeds

That’s it! That’s your dry ingredients!

I like to prepare 5 ahead in mason jars for the week, and each night before you put one in the fridge, add a cup of fruit of your choice (I like bananas and blueberries for this) and you can even add things like coconut flakes, a few cacao nibs, etc.

Then add roughly 3/4 dairy-free milk (I like almond-cashew), shake it up and let it soak! You can also use plain greek yogurt instead. I say ‘roughly’ 3/4 cup because depending on what kind of protein powder you use it will soak it up differently.

My go-to, and how I prepped it for this week was: Oats, chocolate protein powder, chia and flax, blueberries, banana and currants (all picked fresh!)

Nutritionally you’re looking at around 250-350 calories, 30g protein and 20g carbs – a great way to start the day!

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