Healthy Holiday Tips

It’s that time of year!

The Holidays are officially upon us and we all know that celebrating your favorite holidays and New Years Eve can often center around one thing – food!

The average person gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. So how do we navigate the last week or two of December without going off track? Here’s a few easy and doable tips.

First things first – forgive and allow! It’s important to enjoy the holiday and not be too hard on yourself. Yes you don’t need to eat an entire platter of Christmas cookies but you also can’t give yourself a hard time if you end up having a little more than you planned. Going into a big holiday meal knowing that it’s okay to allow yourself to eat a little different than normal, shifting that mindset just slightly, is enough to curb some of those big binges.

Portion out – There’s no need to try to avoid your favorite holiday foods, whether it’s part of the meal or the dessert, just take a little bit of everything, and watch the portion size. It’s better to have a few bites of each of those indulgent foods rather than trying so hard to be strong and avoid it all and then end up completely bingeing later.

Watch the alcohol – Set yourself a two drink limit, and depending what you’re drinking, consider cutting it down with a little seltzer, that’s an easy way to make your drinks last longer for fewer calories! (Tequila with seltzer and lime? Yes please!)

Still focus on protein! Having a prime rib or big roast? Fill your plate with the protein and you’ll get full quicker, so you won’t have as much room for the bad stuff!

ENJOY your holidays, keep going strong every day and don’t focus on “I’ll be better in the New Year” – we can continue to try to make good decisions every day even through the holidays!

Happy Holidays, and see you all in 2019 – our healthiest year yet!

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