Reis Fit 90 Day Reset!

Throughout my journey of losing weight, not only did my passion and love for food change, shift direction and grow immensely, my love and passion for fitness developed (okay let’s be honest it was born, it was never there before!) but above it all so did my passion for helping people.

I didn’t lose 140 pounds easily, and I didn’t do it with a diet or miracle drug. Diets don’t work, but having the knowledge and tools to change your lifestyle does work and that’s what the 90 Day Reset is all about.


As a Fitness Nutritionist and someone who has been through this journey myself, I have developed what I believe is a fool-proof plan to lead your healthiest life possible. I want to be your accountability, be your coach, mentor, support and friend through your journey. You may have hundreds of pounds to lose, or you may not have any weight to lose but still know you need to be changing the way you look at food and living a healthier life. I can help with that!

Your plan will include:

– A Meal Plan eBook breaking down the plan in detail and going over what your 90 days will include! (Everything you can, should, and shouldn’t eat in great detail)

– Custom Nutrient Breakdown for your Goals (Daily calorie and macronutrient goals)

– Private Facebook Group for support, accountability, recipes, ideas, and more

– 24/7 accountability, support and guidance!

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